Road Trip to Cali Cali (Part II)


… Oklahoma continued!

Here we are giving it up for the O-K!

After the Capitol Building, Taylor took us to visit the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing, where a beautiful memorial has been erected.  My heart sank as I read the different plaques and Taylor explained exactly how the events of the day unfolded.

We were so moved visiting the Memorial, and we can’t thank the White and Hood families enough for making our experience so memorable!

As Megan and I were leaving Oklahoma, we hit the home stretch of the trip.  After 6 days of driving in a moving truck we were ready to get to California, but New Mexico had some plans of its own.  This is where we were faced with a wild snowstorm (snow in New Mexico, REALLY?) and saw several tractor trailers jackknifed and turned over on the sides of the highway.  From about 9pm until 5am we creeped through the snow-capped mountains and icy roads until we reached Holbrook, Arizona.  It was pretty scary, but we made it!  We must have brought the cold weather with us from the East Coast.

From Holbrook we trudged along through Arizona with one goal in mind— VEGAS.

Our friends George Lockhart and Colton Smith both rocked their auditions for Fox’s reality show The Ultimate Fighter, and I got to take a little break from driving!

Though we didn’t exactly hit up Las Vegas in the grand style of the boys of The Hangover, we had a great time!  How can you not when your day is filled with eating Papa Johns, renting $10 comedies OnDemand, and convincing people in the hotel that you just got married in a Vegas chapel?

Last but certainly not least on our road trip, we made it to CALIFORNIA!!!  There is nothing more beautiful than seeing an In-N-Out sign on a sunny day… except for maybe this..

Overall we are so thankful we made it safely all the way from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles!

As I’m getting settled here in Cali, I’m checking out some local gyms and figuring out the next big steps as I look towards my next fight.  I may even be opening a new GYM with an exciting twist, so stay on the lookout 🙂

COMING SOON on— East Coast v. West Coast — hmmm  Wawa or In-N-Out?!

Kelsey De Santis

Author: Kelsey De Santis

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