The Basics… MY TOP 3!!!

I have been asked to share some of my secrets when it comes to getting in shape, staying in shape, and getting pounds off. Now these are just 3 of my personal simple tip suggestions I live by and work for me, take em or leave em (;

This entry will just cover some basic tips, later on I will upload some vlogs on training workouts or routines.

LOL yeah it’s a big picture but that’s because it is so important! WATER…H20! I carry it with me at all times, many people don’t realize how important your water intake is. You have to drink water for your body to start losing fat, I drink at least a gallon a day. Yes, it’s hard and you will have to pee all the time, but that’s a good thing! Your body is working more efficiently, water helps to correctly process vitamins and minerals throughout your body, helps your digestive system, hair, nails, etc. Not to mention how your performance will decrease drastically the more dehydrated you are. There is much more I could go on forever, just make sure your getting the right amount of water intake.

I’m doing 3, so here is #2!

YUP peanut butter, but wait what is different here? If you guessed NO high fructose corn syrup then hug yourself, you are correct. Just check the nutrition label and if you do not see HFCS then you should be in the clear, and just a reminder HFCS=NASTY fat we don’t want or need, got it. Wow that sounded kinda mean but its sooo true. Moving on…

LAST BUT NOT EVEN CLOSE TO LEAST…. I LOVVEEE SHRIPmmm N Veggies!!!- If you don’t there are other options just don’t rain on our (shrimp lovers) parade right now… k thanks (;

As some of you may know shrimp has a good amount of lean protein, and it’s a source of an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory nutrient. Soo what does that mean, yea I eat em in a preparation of pre and post leg day, haahhaa ha (painful, nervous, laugh).

This was fun, share below!
Either that or enter your hater mail (;

LoVE kels

Kelsey De Santis

Author: Kelsey De Santis

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