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Hey everybody WHATS UP!!?? Hope all is well and I hope the start of 2013 has been good thus far.
What do you know I need your guys help again! Me and a few of my close friends who also, happen to be student veterans, created this You Tube video to compete in the Dr. Pepper tuition scholarship give away. Check out what they are doing and other entries at


It’s our goal to be one of the first winners of 2013! You can help us out by sharing the video to get us more views.
Also I have been asked by some great fans and friends to send out signed autographed photos, sssooo I figured I would make this a win win contest! I have a few prints from my last photo shoot, and all you have to do is share this video with as many friends as you can. It’s even better if you get more shares from your friends! Inbox me a screen shot of your shares and your address and I will mail you out a cool photo. Don’t worry if I run out of these prints, I have a new shoot lined up.

Thanks so much for your support!

HAPPY SHARING…. oh yeah and don’t forget my next fight is now March 2 with CFA!!! – I will post more info soon.

Kelsey De Santis

Author: Kelsey De Santis

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