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I realized a few months back that I really wanted to start getting into the Podcasting world. Sooo me being me I just jumped right in and started listening to some other veteran Podcasters, getting some equipment together, and asking questions. Interestingly I was approached by Mr. Ray Lott aka RSonic aka TMR (The Marine Rapper). I call him Ray.

Ray wanted to brainstorm with me about different veteran initiatives and I have been wanted to reach out to him and do the same. One topic lead to another and I explained my new interest and desire to create a Podcast platform that would allow veterans to connect and communicate in way we never have before. Ray happens to be a creative genius and funny enough he was on his way to creating a Video-cast with much of the same goal. A Vid-cast  is essentially a Podcast but better because you can see those who are speaking and it’s easily accessible through You Tube. On a side note we also happen to share the same birthday which is awesome! (;

Basically to sum it up… Myself and Ray have a lot in common besides inviting two celebrities via You Tube to join us at the Marine Corps Ball. We have come together to co-host a military and veteran themed Video-cast, unlike anyone has done before. It’s our goal to showcase veterans with a story and bring to light useful resources within our community. We have an amazing line up of guest and I stand by my statement that The GI Show is going to get better and better!

You can watch and subscribe to The GI Show here: GI Show

Kelsey De Santis

Author: Kelsey De Santis

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