Kelsey De Santis-Military Muscle-Real Talk- ep.1 w/ Andrew

I’m back in the studio with Andrew Cuthbert aka “ Dru Phoenix” … WE GO IN with some real talk and start having conversations that need to be had.

That’s the point… It’s for us and our community to open up and share to whoever wants to listen.

Thankfully everyone is starting to talk about 22 a day and other issues that so deeply affect our military/veteran community… WE are talking about the “THEN WHAT”… We are here to not only address different problems but, to also provide possible solutions. We all know that a problem without a solution doesn’t create positive forward movement or CHANGE!! Or as Andrew would say growth.

We are starting by simply telling our stories… that’s what we are here to do… This is the 1st of many episodes to come. Please let me your thoughts.

Thanks for watching and catch you next week!

<<<3 Kels

Kelsey De Santis

Author: Kelsey De Santis

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